BlindDeaf Collaboration

How do a blind astrophysicist and a deaf artist communicate to each other their perception of the stars?

Wanda Diaz: (blind) NASA Astrophysicist. Uses Space Science Sonification to listen to the frequencies of the cosmos- an audible form of analysis that provides a more fine-tuned analysis than a visual graph.
Gwen Dobie: (deaf) York University Fine Arts professor, theatre director and choreographer. Out of the Box Productions.
Frank Russo: Ryerson University Psychology professor and co-inventor of Emotichair, a remarkable means of transmitting music to the deaf by way of vibrations.
Maayke Schurer: Fine Artist

There is a tremendous degree of untapped potential within the negative space of the senses. The way deaf and blind people perceive their environement is very different. What do the deaf and the blind experience that others miss out on? This is an exciting opportunity for cross-pollination between a deaf and blind artist by way of Space Science Sonification and the Emotichair

Results of this collaboration will be exhibited as part of the Sense Scotland Helen Keller International 2011 exhibition in May.



Sense Scotland

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